Bulk SMS Gateway on Android Mobile
Turn your android mobile in to SMS gateway
Why you need an Android SMS Gateway
  • Bulk SMS from web interface.
  • Advance group handling
  • API support (for outgoing and incoming SMS).
  • Two-way SMS
  • Delivery Reports
  • You will be charged only for delivered SMS.
  • Post-paid billing by your carrier.
  • Your brand, your number.
  • Add multiple numbers (SIM/Phone) to build large cluster.
  • Send SMS even on DND
  • SMS queuing
  • Runs in background
  • Full control on message sending.
To start with download the app from Google Play Store

Download Android Mobile  Bulk SMS Gateway from Google Play

Run the application and Click on the "Register" button if you are not a registered member.
To start the gateway so that you can send SMS, click on the Menu button of your mobile and Start the gateway.

You will get three more options i.e.

Start: To activate the service 
Stop: To de-activate the service
Settings: For additional Settings

Click on "Start" button


userid: ID created on ZNISMS.com
apikey: 32 bit API Key (provided by ZNI)
sendto: Mobile number on which message has to be sent.
message: URL encoded message. Max 160 characters.
device: Device ID from, which you want to send SMS.

You can keep pushing SMS through API even when your mobile is offline and once it comes online our Application will push all data through your mobile.

Android bulk sms gateway api settings web interface

To get the device ID or to set the API URLs for Incoming SMS (Two-Way) or Missed Call login into web panel from http://mobile.znisms.com and click on Settings under Mobile tab.

Device ID is given under "Registered Device" panel along with the device last polled time, battery level and status.